Give Away For 2017 – Vote for Your Favorite Couple!

This past year plays back like video film of my life, spotlighting some great friendships from my personal life blended with prosperous business growth. 2016 was a great year for us and I can not wait to tell our couples about this special give away to celebrate our success!

 One of the biggest lessons that keeps being ingrained each year is: Quality comes from separating the person from the contract.


Each year I fall in love with my couples. To each of you, I want to let you know that I recognize your love in it’s many shapes and forms. Each year there seems to be a theme with my couples. This year yours would have to center around the quiet calmness that comes from deep intimacy. I have heard more heart felt speeches this year that rekindled and impacted me in such positive ways, and I think you all are amazing individuals.

So I want to say a special ‘Thank YOU’ and I want to pay it forward.


When you guys met me, I wanted to provide something for you that is so dear and special to me, something that goes beyond the business/client relationship. It’s called a ‘human experience’ and I have been creating more emphasis on building a friendship with my couples because I want it to be that personal. Getting personal allows me to get closer with confidence, to get to know who you are, and to be able to tell your story instead of only handing you pretty wedding images.

So let’s have some fun together to start off 2017.

As a token of appreciation, I want to offer a special give away to one of my remarkable wedding couples:


Abigail and Yosi

Myrtle Beach wedding, portraits, bride and groom fine art photography, bride looking lovingly at her groom under a blossoming tree's branches, sun shining through branches, groom leaning against fence at Hilton Myrtle Beach

Melody and Nathan

Kerri and Jeff

Rin and Jeffry

Lisa and William

Happy groom and bride on the beach walking away from ceremony

Yvonne and Brian

husband and wife posing for couple portraits after their myrtle beach wedding at myrtle beach state park

Megan and Adam

Lisa and Ryan

 wedding give away photo

Brandon and Anna

 wedding give away photo

Meredith and Mike

wedding couple pose in the library for wedding photos, wedding give away photo

Annah and Joseph

wedding couple pose for a portrait by a sail boat in murrells inlet harbor, wedding give away photo

Kelly and Scott

Christina and Nathan

wedding couple's first look at the dunes club, wedding give away photo

Rachel and Alex

Tina and Scott

bride and groom share a moment at marina inn at grande dunes on their wedding day, wedding give away photo

Mallary and Travis

Tessa and Andrew

Alison and Jamie

bride and groom in front of rosewood manor after their wedding, wedding give away photo

The rules are simple: the couple with the greatest number of voting comments on this post will receive a large 20×30 retouched fine art canvas delivered in time for Valentines Day. To all my readers, feel free to leave some love too because your are equally valued to me.

 Every individual who comments will be entered into a separate give away for a $25 Amazon gift card. Share to Facebook and Instagram, Tweet about this post, and get creative with spreading the word!

I love a good laugh and I’ll be counting comments on ONLY this page’s comment section – one per person – until January 31st.

The Winner will be announced Wednesday, February 1st and will receive a personal Valentine’s Day gift for their newly wed year!

Everything isn’t about the perfect pose or the magazine-style shot. For me it’s about creating a memorable experience, one that my couples and clients will remember forever. I do this in hopes it will lavish a future that distinguishes between a photograph and a memory.

294 thoughts on “Give Away For 2017 – Vote for Your Favorite Couple!

  1. I vote for Mallory and Travis – though all were beautiful they truly represent all that is true about southern tradition and hospitality in getting married in such a historical place.

  2. I vote for Mallary and Travis! They are two unique individuals who found each other and share a love for Christ! Travis also serves our country with the 82nd Airborne! Thank you Travis, as well as all of our veterans, past and present!
    We love you, Carl! You are awesome! There is no finer photographer or person!

  3. I vote Mallary and Travis. Beautiful wedding and I love them dearly! You are the best and friendliest photographer that I have ever met! You made it fun!

  4. Mallary and Travis! Not only were your photos simply gorgeous of them, they both have hearts of service for our country and others.

  5. I nominate Tessa & Andrew as their wedding was one of the best I have been too and the photographer Carl was a real laugh.

  6. I think Russian hackers have put the fix in for Mallary and Travis, but if the votes for Mallory and Travis aren’t combined, then the others have a chance.
    I vote for Tessa and Andrew. What a lovely couple!

  7. I am voting for Andrew and Tessa
    No doubt about this was the most wonderful time my husband and I had, celebrating the wedding of two great friends. At the Reception – the ‘Anniversary Dance’, was a very inspiring ‘celebration’. All married couples ‘had’ to dance and each couple was called off the floor for how long they were married (10-20-30…) Tessa’s and Andrew’s parents were dancing the longest with over 50 years of marriage. AWESOME!!! I wish Andrew and Tessa 50+ years together.

  8. Rin and Jeffry! I was stunned at the beautiful moments you captured on their wedding day. They are a beautiful couple with a beautiful story!! ♡

  9. My vote goes to Tessa & Andrew.
    A more than fantastic wedding day captured beautifully on camera.
    congratulations Carl & Co. on a first class job.

    • Thank you so much for capturing the love, family, fun, and absolute joy! She couldn’t have made a better choice than you.

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