Food Photography: Z’s Amazing Kitchen in the Grand Strand!

Top 3 Food Photography Tips:

  1. When performing food photography for 30 different items, don’t eat breakfast
  2. On Day one, don’t get full eating too much of the first 15 items – there are still 15 to go
  3. When working with Italians, learn to say “Badabing!”


Z’s Amazing Kitchen is a new restaurant that just opened in North Myrtle Beach. It originated in 1960’s Boston, Massachusetts.

The past 18 years has been spent building a corporate restaurant into a national chain. Paul Zito and his staff pride themselves on being, “fast-casual dining with unique culinary fusion, an open, authentic atmosphere and fresh, simple ingredients.” Joey Mead, culinary director, is the inspiration in the kitchen, fusing flavors for their customers. He crafts dish options for meat-lovers, vegans, vegetarians, and gluten free preferences so that everyone is welcomed! For all of you who’s mouthes are watering and tummies are growling, yes, they do cater and you can order to-go! 

However, this is only one aspect of the new restaurant’s mentality. The Founder and his crew take great care in how their products are handled before, during and after you’re served. They support environmentally friendly businesses through Fuel Good.  After cooking, they convert their frying oil into bio-diesel for their vending trucks. 

There’s nothing like good food, great people, and a fun atmosphere. Paul Zito and his crew are an amazing group of professionals. Everyday they enjoy heartfelt laughs and follow their passions. When Paul wanted professional images for their food photography, I knew that exceeding expectations was woven into their conduct. As we were framing their prints, I remember working together to get everything just right (in just the right amount of time). I truly respect collaborating with entrepreneurs, and I root for them all the way. With their Grand Opening this past Monday, I am ecstatic for Z’s Amazing Kitchen!  Congratulations on achieving success in your new business venture! Not to mention…now I can sample all of that delicious menu. As Paul would say, “Badabing, Baby!”

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Z's Amazing Kitchen's Blue Cheese Balsamic Steak Salad

Food Photography: Z’s Amazing Kitchen’s Blue Cheese Balsamic Steak Salad

Z's Amazing Kitchen Shrimp Not So Poy Boy

Z’s Amazing Kitchen Shrimp Not So Poy Boy

Z's Amazing Kitchen Shrimp Alla Zito

Z’s Amazing Kitchen Shrimp Alla Zito

carl-kerridge-photography, food-photography, ultimate steak and pimento cheese , zs-amazing-kitchen

Food Photography: Z’s Amazing Kitchen’s Ultimate Steak and Pimento Cheese

carl-kerridge-photography, food-photography, twisted-cuban-panini, zs-amazing-kitchen

Food Photography: Z’s Amazing Kitchen’s Twisted Cuban Panini

Z's Amazing Kitchen's Vegetable Fried Rice

Food Photography: Z’s Amazing Kitchen’s Vegetable Fried Rice

Z's Amazing Kitchen's Seared Tuna Salad

Food Photography: Z’s Amazing Kitchen’s Seared Tuna Salad

Z's Amazing Kitchen's Soba Noodles

Food Photography: Z’s Amazing Kitchen’s Soba Noodles

Z's Amazing Kitchen's Pimento BLT

Food Photography: Z’s Amazing Kitchen’s Pimento BLT






Classic Romance at Sunnyside Plantation, Murrells Inlet, SC

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