Are you Wedding Packages and Collections available online?

Yes we believe in complete transparency with our packages and we even wrote a blog about it. Our starting point for a 7 hour day is $2,500 and our average couple spend closer to $4000. Here is the link which includes our current packages and collections for the fall of 2016 and the spring 2017 season – Wedding Packages

What equipment do you use?

I have been a Nikon shooter ever since I bought my first fully manual FM10 35mm film camera in 1997. I have added to my collection of film cameras since then with a couple of Mamiya medium format film cameras and the amazing fuji GX680, when I switched to digital I decided to keep all my Nikon lenses and accessories. To date I currently own three Nikon D800’s, voted by many as the best DSLR, five SB910 speed lights and a large selection of professional grade lenses that allow me to be as versatile and creative as possible in any situation. Calling me a tech junkie would not be far off, I have back ups for my back ups and continue to buy the latest and greatest gadgets every year. 

Do you still shoot film for weddings?

I do upon request but I work predominantly in digital now after making the switch in 2006. Film has recently gone through a revival, although now of course it is called retro. I still love my film cameras and keep them all cleaned and ready for use. However it is a specialty item due to the costs of the film and developing. A film photographer can be added by the half day or my top collection already includes a film photographer for the entire day.

How long have you been shooting weddings?

I first started in 2001 with a couple of friends weddings. By 2003 I was ready to open my first studio and dive full-time in to my chosen career as an event and wedding photographer. Since then I have worked with close to 300 happy wedding couples, many of whom I am proud to say are now close friends.

How far are you willing to travel for work?

I’m happy to say that I love what I do and one of the best parts is traveling to locations around the globe. Sure I live in a great destination, and I am happy to call Myrtle Beach, SC home, but seriously what better way to see the world then to make great friends and earn my living capturing amazing weddings and events. So far I have shot weddings in England, Ibiza, India and Canada plus seven states in the US. There is no fee for weddings within one hundred miles of home base. This includes Charleston, Columbia and Wilmington, NC. Please inquire about rates for destination weddings.

How many images do you typically shoot at a wedding?

There’s not really a set number as every wedding is unique in size and time frame. My style of shooting comes from my personal need to strive for perfection. I would prefer to spend time getting the images right the first time using the amazing camera that I have in my hands. My goal is to deliver an average of 300-600 digitally mastered images that are all worthy of printing for display in your home our in a custom album. 

Your packages all list full day of service, is there a reason for that?

Yes, I truly believe that to make great images we must have both time and some planning. Ideally I like to be one of the first to arrive and last to leave, this allows me to get in to the full spirit of the day and not have to force or push the pace just to get posed pictures. Don’t worry if you are planning a smaller intimate wedding, I would be happy to work with you for lesser amounts of time.

Can all your wedding collections be customized?

Most definitely. My collections are guidelines based on my experience of what people commonly ask for and package together. To create your custom collection start with the A La Carte menu items and let your imagination loose.

What if we are working on a budget?

I have been in the wedding industry now for over twelve years and have learned the value of the experience I offer, the equipment I carry and the high standards of customer service that I strive for. I do, however, love to work with insanely happy couples that are planning unique and amazingly intimate weddings that are more about the experience than the budget. Let’s talk.

What is your style of photography and has it changed since you first started?

My style has definitely evolved. I would classify myself as a blend of photojournalist (capable of working and moving fast to capture the real and unposed moments that happen all day long) and fine art photographer (searching for unique and creative compositions to tell your story). When I first started out I was more traditional meaning I posed every moment of the day. I had less control of and understanding of the qualities and subtleties of light and how it can be used to create great images. Now I go with the flow more, guiding poses when required. You will always see me blending in to the background, finger poised, ready with an ever roaming eye for those moments that flash by and if not captured might soon be forgotten.

What size weddings do you shoot?

The largest wedding to date had twenty six bridal attendants and a guest list of over six hundred (I hired two additional photographers) and the smallest was an elopement with just a single witness and preacher on the beach. No wedding is too big or too small. For small weddings I often shoot alone with just a lighting assistant to help move and set up equipment. 

What is your typical turn around time for delivery of final images?

I strive for the highest quality work and that takes time and consideration. I also understand that you are going to be eager to see your images so here is my work flow. My work day is not over when I leave your wedding, in fact I usually take 3-4 hours to download and back up the original copies of your images that very night. As they are downloading I quickly pick some favorites and digitally enhance a few to share with the world on social media. I don’t want to be the only one at your wedding not to post a picture! And, with the rise of smart phones, no doubt your entire database of friends has seen something online before you can say “honeymoon”. After that I like to take approximately six weeks to sort, select and hand craft each and every image before delivering your final images online. Albums take up to three months which allows time for online revisions before printing.

 Do you include retouching and editing?

I would like to make a clear distinction here. Editing is the process of selecting favorites, digitally enhancing color and cropping for composition. Retouching (commonly referred to as photoshopping) is the artistic process of adding or most likely removing unwanted items (take skin blemishes for an example) from an image. All of my packages include extensive editing of your images. Each image that is delivered to you has been individually mastered and cropped. They do not include photoshopping to make you look like Barbie in every image, if you are looking for that type of service then read no further as I am not your wedding photographer. In general I am a purist and like to think of images as real life frozen in slices of time without the need of too much altering.

Do you offer any discounts?

Most of my family, back in England, were a part of the RAF and to honor them and all servicemen I offer a ten percent discount to all active and retired military personnel. I also offer specials at various times through the year that I post to my Facebook fan page which you can like by clicking here.

Do you shoot every wedding yourself?

Yes, I am the lead photographer for all my weddings and have a small team of experienced photographers and assistants that work with me when I need them.

What is the best piece of advice you can offer a newly engaged couple?

Enlist trusted friends or family members to help find potential vendors to work with, then take the time to really become clear about your needs and communicate them to your “wedding team.”  As a wedding professional there is nothing better than a bride who knows what she wants, loves what you do and trusts that you will deliver.

How do we book you?

I am not just saying this because I am a wedding photographer, but booking your wedding photographer is possibly one of the most important decisions you make. You will be spending most of your day with them shadowing your every move and assisting you with group shots and also sharing many intimate moments. Not only that, but after the wedding it is our job as photographers to deliver the memories that you will look at for a lifetime. SO, before you google “best photographer in Myrtle Beach” and simply pick from the top three listings I advise you to get to know the photographer that you wish to work with and build some rapport. It will also help you feel more comfortable and relaxed on the day of your wedding and that just helps makes better images. If you feel that I am your man then please contact me via email with a few of the basic details of your wedding and we’ll set up a time to connect.