Wedding Cake: Yay or Nay?

You just had your ceremony, everyone is dancing at the reception and it’s time to cut the wedding cake. It is one of the most fun parts of your wedding day, especially as everyone waits in anticipation for what will happen next. So what will your cake table look like? Will it be a traditional wedding cake with classic icing and topper, or will you choose something with a more modern twist?

Here are some of the trendy ideas hitting the wedding scene as alternates to the wedding cake:

  • – Waffle/Pancake/Crepe wedding tiers
  • – Donut cake
  • – Cake Pops
  • – Wedding pies (big and little)
  • – Dessert Bar
  • – Ice Cream Truck and sandwiches
  • – Cupcakes
  • – Desserts in engraved glasses (to combine the wedding favors)
  • – Chocolate Foundations
  • – S’mores
  • – Cookies
  • – Macaroons Tiers
  • – Creme Brulee Bowls
  • -Cheese Tiers

Everyone knows that it’s important to choose the right wedding cake that will match your style of wedding. It should be decorated carefully so that every detail is exquisite. The icing and batter should be just right so that all its yummy goodness delights your guests. Whatever fills the desires of your heart, the wedding cake bakers of Myrtle Beach can make your dreams come true. Now, there’s only one question that remains…..

To cake smash, or not to cake smash?

Cake Smash, wedding cake background with wedding cake vendors

Some of our favorite Wedding cake and dessert vendors along the Grand Strand (in alphabetical order)

In case you do decide to hire us for your wedding photography, please note that we love all types of cake but are not overly fussy about shells of fake flower topers. We do however love a great red velvet cake or those tasty salted caramel cupcakes, yum yum yum!!. For more information about our wedding services please visit, email [email protected] or call us 843.333.1212.




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