Engagement: 3 Reasons to Celebrate

Go ahead with your new bling bling and congratulations on your engagement!

We are very happy for you and can’t wait to celebrate this joyous occasion. Yes, I did say we are going to celebrate your engagement! You will be designing your wedding of a lifetime with family and friends, so why not think of the engagement period as pregaming?

3 Reasons why you should highlight your engagement:

1. Your friends and family love seeing you happy

There’s no reason to be obnoxiously flashy and boastful, but being ecstatic about getting engaged is not a crime! I want you to be happy, giddy, and all those good things. You and your honey have decided, “Hey, we’re starting this new chapter and we’re going to do it together!” The world needs a little more love in it, so be a representation of what happy and healthy love looks like. When I see my friends and family hit this milestone, I get a personal joy out of it. I like seeing the ring and the photos of the happy couple.

2. Photographing before the “I do’s” is an unforgettable experience

As a photographer I’m all about documenting the stages of life. Doing so has given me a great affection for them as well. Getting engaged is not a lesser-event in comparison to the wedding day. Where the wedding day is about you, you are also planning a celebration around friends and family too. The engagement period is only about the couple. It’s still so fresh, both people are bubbly from the excitement of the proposal, it needs to be photographed. Sometimes, we get lucky enough to capture the proposal and then have engagement portraits after jumping out of the bushes (talk about a surprise)! It is so unique and personal, why wouldn’t you want that memory to keep?

Plus, if you’re looking for a creative way to announce your engagement on social media or through invitations, you have the customization to do so! Lately, we’ve been using engagement portraits to create guest signing books for the wedding day. It’s a memory, a photo album, and a wedding keepsake all in one.

3. Let’s face it, engagement celebrations are starting to become retro and they need to make a come back

When was the last time you actually went to an engagement party, not just heart-emojied a Facebook event? Engagement parties are amazing and a perfect time to get all of your favorite people in one place to celebrate. Most times you can even plan around holidays and celebrate both at once. What I love about it is, the people you have in attendance are likely your support system. These are the people who should help hold you accountable to the union you’re going into, down the road this is going to be a big deal. So, share that time with them, nurture those relationships, fire proof your marriage-to-be and know that you have a loving wall of protection around you.

I hope you remember this the first time you get behind the wheel and get to dazzle at your new sparkle. Enjoy these moments because they go by so quickly. Until then…

engagnement, bride, bride to be, drinking champagne, hubby to be, engagement ring

“Pop the bubbly, I’m getting a Hubby!”


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