Boudoir Photography in Myrtle Beach

There is an image that popped in up when you registered “boudoir”.

What did it look like? How did it feel to think about boudoir photography? Why’d it feel that way?

Was it a lingerie clad model perfectly styled lounging in a chaise or was it a raw emotional image of someone just like you in their home? How do you connect to this? Does it make you feel intimidated or curious about this personal and intimate style of photography?

Boudoir photography is defined as intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic images of its subjects in a bedroom or private dressing room environment. It’s primarily intended for the private enjoyment of the subject and his or her romantic partners. What can’t be described, by the definition, is the experience it offers a lady to feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin. During a shoot, a lady is embracing herself in that exact moment for all she is and will continue to become. I believe for someone who hasn’t been exposed to this type of environment, it’s harder to understand the mental depth we explore as photographers and the empowerment felt by our ladies.

This beauty goes beyond an image and a fleeting moment. When women come to our studio for a boudoir session, I want them to want this for themselves. It’s the most personalized gift you will ever give someone, whether that is your significant other or betroth, but especially when it is to yourself. Embrace who you are and where you are in life, cherish your accomplishments, flaunt your sexy self and fall in love with all your features.

I dare you to try something new whether that be a workshop or a personalized diva date. I dare you to accept yourself because you are a work of art, pose in ways you’ve always wondered about, and see how the camera reflects the confidence you’ll find.

Our personalized sessions are offered in our Myrtle Beach studio or the location of your choice (including outdoor locations). We offer a selection of gift print and album packages or simply a private weblink for your viewing pleasure. Want some ideas to spark your imagination? Visit our Pinterest board!

bridal boudoir in sexy lingerie laying on a bed

young model laying on a chaise for a boudoir photo in black lace lingerie

female holding a blanket to cover herself for an intimate boudoir portrait in her bedroom

Bridal boudoir portrait covered with a veil wearing sexy white panties

black stocking and high heels on a wire framed bed for an intimate boudoir photo

Black lace sexy underwear and garter belt boudoir


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