Wedding Hope, Faith, and Love

Gatsby Themed Wedding

“He smiled understandingly – much more than understandingly. It was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life. It faced — or seemed to face — the whole eternal world for an instant, and then concentrated on you with an irresistible prejudice in your favor. It understood you just as far as you wanted to be understood, believed in you as you would like to believe in yourself, and assured you that it had precisely the impression of you that, at your best, you hoped to convey.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

wedding details of the rings and bridal accessory

first look before the wedding

While looking through Mallary and Travis’s wedding images, I pondered all that could be said of them and their wedding. I know that there is a gentle quietness of respect for all who choose to serve for their country and who marry and support that service. Thinking about Mallary’s bridal shoot, I began flipping through The Great Gatsby, wondering if Fitzgerald could spark my creativity, and then there it was – a quote that set the imagery for their wedding ceremony at The Cooper House.

wedding ceremony at the cooper house

bride places the ring on the grooms finger during the wedding ceremony

bride and groom kiss during the wedding ceremony

When Travis told us to “rock on,” the other side of this strong couple came out to play. Avid Clemson and music fans, there wasn’t doubt they knew how to party, and the crowd threw down at Inlet Affairs in Murrells Inlet. At the same time, I enjoy thinking back about how simple the two wanted to keep the wedding details. Nothing is better than for a couple to focus on what truly matters, that the two of you are marrying each other. That is the sacred memory you’ll share forever.

bride and groom party with friends at the wedding reception

bride parties in a clemson hat at the wedding reception

bride and groom party with friends at the wedding reception

bride and bridal party enjoy the photobooth at the wedding reception

bride and groom party listen to wedding toasts at the wedding reception

As Mr. and Mrs. Haynie begin their future together, I have much admiration for them both and give them my best. There will be challenges, there will be beauty. There will be calmness and there will be spurts of energy.

bride and groom walk out of the wedding reception and kiss after a sparkler exit

My wish is that every time the two of you are close enough to touch, you rest against each others foreheads, remember your wedding to each other and feel all that matters – Hope, Faith, and Love.

bride and groom pose for a couple's portrait before the wedding ceremony

Destination Wedding Photographer

What don’t I love about being a destination wedding photographer?

Their really is only one thing about being a destination wedding photographer that I don’t love – hauling lots of equipment through airports and hoping it arrives safely. But the rewards pay that off from the minute I check in.

There are plenty of reasons for couples to consider destination weddings: A mini vacation, family resorts and maybe beaches or mountains that you don’t live close to. Not only that, they can mean more exciting wedding pictures for the bride and groom! Who wouldn’t want that?

As a veteran photographer, I’m going to be honest and confess that I am guilty of shooting at designated spots that I know all wedding parties will love. I call them my “frequent flyer zones”. They are beautiful spots, have great available light and they always work! However, after 15+ years in this business, I can tell you from personal experience that I value new and inspiring locations that offer exciting challenges. Being a destination wedding photographer and traveling to a new location offers an opportunity to break out of the box, open your eyes to a fresh terrain, and tempt the visual senses. If you are one of our wedding couples planning your destination wedding, you have challenged us to work with this blank canvas and make it awesome. It’s thrilling and of course we accept!

One of the best things about being  a destination wedding photographer is that when we get home, there’s a sense of newness to everything around us. Those frequent flyer zones? Well, all of the sudden we have a new set of eyes for those too. We find ourselves seeing everything “for the first time” again. Experiencing the magic of your wedding day makes its impact on us. We are able to serve you more dynamic and incredibly creative memories just because we’ve restored our mind, body and spirit. It drives the heart of every destination wedding photographer to guarantee you a successful wedding with photojournalistic and fine art images.

As water is the essence of the body and wisdom the essence of mind, then travel is the essence of spirit. To book your destination wedding with us please contact us via email – [email protected] – and we can make the travel arrangements!

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St. Augustine, Florida

wedding photography, couple kissing in golden field of corn, Destination wedding photographer

Norwich, England

Destination wedding photographer

New York, New York

destination wedding photography, Litchfield Plantation, black and white wedding images, fine art, photojournalism, Destination wedding photographer

Allahabad, India

destination wedding, romantic couple by lake at sunset, Destination wedding photographer

Airlie Gardens, Wilmington, North Carolina

Destination wedding photographer

Montreal, Canada

Destination wedding photographer

Loveland, Colorado

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Belin Methodist Church, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

Destination wedding photographer, destination wedding photography, myrtle beach, conway, south carolina, best photographer, photojournalism, documentary, black and white images, west point, NY

West Point, New York

Destination wedding photographer

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Destination wedding photographer

Winter Garden, Colorado

Destination wedding photographer

Dunes Club, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Destination wedding photographer

Wachesaw Plantation, Litchfield, South Carolina

Destination wedding photographer

Pawley’s Island, South Carolina


Wachesaw Plantation Wedding

I’d almost forgotten just how beautiful Wachesaw Plantation is… it’s breath taking.

It’s one of Myrtle Beaches hidden gems for weddings. The Wachesaw Plantation with it’s huge Live Oak trees that drape shade for visitors, with Kimbel’s Restaurant sitting quietly to the side ready to host an event. The scent of the Waccamaw River plays at your nose as the moss dances in the wind.

I’ve known the groom, Scott, for quite some time now. I was thrilled and eager to tease him that I’d seen his bride all dressed up before him. We shot her bridal portraits earlier this summer and with her permission created an image that had to be timed perfectly. Arriving right before low tide when the sand bars were showing, we scooted down the river bank to photograph Kelly at the water’s edge. It was a stunning portrait right beside the river, framed with Cypress tree knots and roots that would normally be underwater. Setting up the canvas portrait on their wedding day, I made a few people promise me they wouldn’t let him peek at the framed art piece. He desired all the emotions of the first look and she was breath taking too. As she walked across the lawn in the classic and form fitting dress from Little White Dress Scott choked up as he saw his wife. The ceremony was lovely and picturesque set beneath the spanish moss of the live oaks and we were all thankful for the light breeze on a warm summers day as they exchanged their vows and rings. Their marriage was celebrated with a symbolic kiss, then it was time to switch gears.

Though lovey-dovey was in the air, our couple was ready to boogie! Scott and Kelly couldn’t wait to finish with traditional wedding portraits. Entering the reception banquet, everyone knew what time it was and everyone intended to dance until their hearts were content. Little Harper, Scott’s 5 year old daughter ran around, smiling, and dancing with Scott and Kelly all evening. With the reception ending at 11:00, I laughed as everyone piled in cars. They were heading down to Murrells Inlet to continue the festivities and good times.

There is a beauty in the surrender this couple gifts each other. I know Scott will always hold his wife by his heart, under his arm, and with gentle hands. Kelly will always do likewise.

Congrats guys, completely love your calm and crazy and all its charm!


Beautiful bride at Wachesaw Plantation in the Cypress tree knots Wedding band on a Mills thread spool Gorgeous bridal bouquet of orange roses and babies breath Bride holding hands with flower girl smiling at Wachesaw Plantation Bridal ceremony at Wachesaw Plantation under the live oaks and spanish moss       Groom hugging his daughter after wedding ceremony at Wachesaw Plantation Bridal party enjoying a glass of wine and some laughter Bride signing her marriage license under the live oaks at Wachesaw Plantation Bride and groom exchange a kiss with the Waccamaw river behind them Bride and groom pose beneath the live oaks at Wachesaw Plantation groom kisses laughing bride on the hand during best mans speach Wedding cake by Coccadots Wedding party and guests circle around the bride and groom during the reception



Location and Catering: Wachesaw Plantation and Kimbel Restaurant

Event Coordinator: Brayer Surratt

Hair:Maggie Williamson with Cheveux

Makeup:Kayla Mitchell with Madison Ave Salon & Ulta

Wedding Dress: Little White Dress

Cake: Cocodots Cake Shop

Florist: Nature’s Garden

Entertainment: Broadway Jake Productions


Wedding Carriage Ride

Someone’s favorite Disney movie must have been Cinderella, and why not? Cinderella and her prince got the wedding carriage ride, so our Myrtle Beach couple did too!

Kerri and Jeffery are a fun couple. I couldn’t have thought of any better way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Everything about this wedding was magical, from jumping the broom to the sparkler exit. Adding the harpist for the ceremony created so much ambiance to the wedding too. The large group shot with the horse and carriage, was one of the most hilarious parts of the day. Not wanting to startle the little pony, I asked everyone to quietly  hip-hip-hooray and put their hands in the air. The entire group did just exactly that! It was awesome!

After the couple’s wedding carriage ride, we ventured upstairs to a stunning reception room. Corina Silva did a stunning job with the design of the ceremony and receptions atmosphere. It was filled with tasteful decor, lovely personal touches, and bold colors. Who could forget the dance off?! Jeffery was so laid back and entertaining and Kerri’s choices proved to be top notch in all respects, even after the wedding.

It’s becoming more rare to receive thank-you notes. I was pleasantly surprised to open my mail box and find envelopes for me and my assistant. Every thoughtful and purposeful action of their wedding was a reflection of who the couple were as people. I whole-heartedly enjoyed our letters. I have deep gratitude and fond memories of Kerri and Jeff, and look forward to keeping in touch with the bride and groom. Last but not least, yes, they are living happily every after!

wedding details of bride's necklace and earrings before the couple's Wedding Carriage Ride

Infamous harpist playing before the wedding ceremony and Wedding Carriage Ride


the bride and groom jump the broom before their Wedding Carriage Ride

the bride, groom, and their familes pose with the horse and carriage after the couple's Wedding Carriage Ride

couple portraits of the bride and groom on the beach after their Wedding Carriage Ride

the bride and groom's wedding reception after their Wedding Carriage Ride

after the Wedding Carriage Ride, the bride and groom go to their reception for the cake cutting

as they exit their ceremony , the bride and groom share a kiss on their Wedding Carriage Ride

To see more of their special day, check out their wedding video in the link below!

Kerri and Jeffery’s Wedding Montage


Cake: Krystal Agic at Cake That Inc.

Dj: Joe Durivage at Myrtle Beach DJ

Floral Arrangements: Corina Silva

Location and Catering: Island Vista Resort

Hair: Sara at Fantastic SAMs

Wedding Dress: Bridal Nook

Harpist: Becky Nissen

Wedding Carriage Ride: S and S Carriage Rides


Wedding Details

The most important of the wedding details is love.

“Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges…” I’ve read the quotes plenty of times, I think all couples do. When was the last time you sat and consciously appreciated love by itself? When it comes to a wedding, it is so easy to get consumed in all the wedding details. In the hype of all the planning and decorating, how do you make love stand out more than everything else?

Lisa and Will, a lovely couple, planned a destination wedding here in Myrtle Beach. Lisa perfected the day and Will brought the humor.  While we were shooting, I kept thinking that this is a strong woman and a strong couple and yet so easy going. It was hard not to relax into this family. So what was the difference, right?

One of Lisa’s wedding details was a golden broach with turquoise and white stones. I remember carefully laying it down and positioning it in macro shots and taking great care of giving it back to her. It was Will’s grandmother’s,  and she wouldn’t be attending. I imagine it tenderly touched the groom’s heart when he saw the broach on his bride’s bouquet. It is little acts of thoughtfulness like this that speaks volumes in quite corners and years to come.

It also reminded me how it isn’t the struggles that end up defining us, but the commitment to overcoming the struggles together. How many times do we realize these truths unless they’re staring us in the face? It’s, “fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go.” I believe to speak anything of Lisa and Will’s wedding is to say that they do this, they love in the kindest of ways, and I believe they will have many joyous years dancing to, “I’m Yours.”

Before the day was over, my couple reminded me of one other very important detail….Have every bit of fun along the way.

Wedding details, Beautiful wedding rings on teal cushion in wooden box

Wedding details, black and white wedding of ring bearers holding signs in Myrtle Beach

Wedding details, Bridesmaid walking on boardwalk towards beach ceremony with pelicans flying overhead

Wedding details, Happy groom and bride on the beach walking away from ceremony Wedding details, bride and groom cash smash reflected in mirror in myrtle beach

Wedding details, elegant bride and groom posed with palm trees in myrtle beach

Wedding details, wedding party throwing beach balls in Myrtle Beach

To see more of their wedding day, check out the video below:


Location and Caterer: Brighton Towers at Kingston Plantation

Floral Arrangements: Kelly Byers at Little Shop of Flowers

Invitations: Kathleen at The Find Sac

Unity Glass: Etch Art

Entertainment: Chris B. at Myrtle Beach DJs

Hair: Jonas Marc Style Studio

Triton Shell Blower: Jim

Makeup: Bobby from MAC at Belk at Coastal Grand Mall

Cake: The Bride’s Mother, Mrs. Bullin

Balloons: Christine at Party Maker

Embroidered Ball-caps: Sew Wonderfully Made 4 U

Customized Paddles: Cathy at Sea Weed Designs

Wedding Dress: Dress by Impression Bridal

Tuxedos: Men’s Warehouse

Wedding Arbor: Cindy Zackman at Bamboo Arbors

Videographer: Nick Andrews Productions