Wedding Details

The most important of the wedding details is love.

“Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges…” I’ve read the quotes plenty of times, I think all couples do. When was the last time you sat and consciously appreciated love by itself? When it comes to a wedding, it is so easy to get consumed in all the wedding details. In the hype of all the planning and decorating, how do you make love stand out more than everything else?

Lisa and Will, a lovely couple, planned a destination wedding here in Myrtle Beach. Lisa perfected the day and Will brought the humor.  While we were shooting, I kept thinking that this is a strong woman and a strong couple and yet so easy going. It was hard not to relax into this family. So what was the difference, right?

One of Lisa’s wedding details was a golden broach with turquoise and white stones. I remember carefully laying it down and positioning it in macro shots and taking great care of giving it back to her. It was Will’s grandmother’s,  and she wouldn’t be attending. I imagine it tenderly touched the groom’s heart when he saw the broach on his bride’s bouquet. It is little acts of thoughtfulness like this that speaks volumes in quite corners and years to come.

It also reminded me how it isn’t the struggles that end up defining us, but the commitment to overcoming the struggles together. How many times do we realize these truths unless they’re staring us in the face? It’s, “fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go.” I believe to speak anything of Lisa and Will’s wedding is to say that they do this, they love in the kindest of ways, and I believe they will have many joyous years dancing to, “I’m Yours.”

Before the day was over, my couple reminded me of one other very important detail….Have every bit of fun along the way.

Wedding details, Beautiful wedding rings on teal cushion in wooden box

Wedding details, black and white wedding of ring bearers holding signs in Myrtle Beach

Wedding details, Bridesmaid walking on boardwalk towards beach ceremony with pelicans flying overhead

Wedding details, Happy groom and bride on the beach walking away from ceremony Wedding details, bride and groom cash smash reflected in mirror in myrtle beach

Wedding details, elegant bride and groom posed with palm trees in myrtle beach

Wedding details, wedding party throwing beach balls in Myrtle Beach

To see more of their wedding day, check out the video below:


Location and Caterer: Brighton Towers at Kingston Plantation

Floral Arrangements: Kelly Byers at Little Shop of Flowers

Invitations: Kathleen at The Find Sac

Unity Glass: Etch Art

Entertainment: Chris B. at Myrtle Beach DJs

Hair: Jonas Marc Style Studio

Triton Shell Blower: Jim

Makeup: Bobby from MAC at Belk at Coastal Grand Mall

Cake: The Bride’s Mother, Mrs. Bullin

Balloons: Christine at Party Maker

Embroidered Ball-caps: Sew Wonderfully Made 4 U

Customized Paddles: Cathy at Sea Weed Designs

Wedding Dress: Dress by Impression Bridal

Tuxedos: Men’s Warehouse

Wedding Arbor: Cindy Zackman at Bamboo Arbors

Videographer: Nick Andrews Productions