Wachesaw Plantation Wedding

I’d almost forgotten just how beautiful Wachesaw Plantation is… it’s breath taking.

It’s one of Myrtle Beaches hidden gems for weddings. The Wachesaw Plantation with it’s huge Live Oak trees that drape shade for visitors, with Kimbel’s Restaurant sitting quietly to the side ready to host an event. The scent of the Waccamaw River plays at your nose as the moss dances in the wind.

I’ve known the groom, Scott, for quite some time now. I was thrilled and eager to tease him that I’d seen his bride all dressed up before him. We shot her bridal portraits earlier this summer and with her permission created an image that had to be timed perfectly. Arriving right before low tide when the sand bars were showing, we scooted down the river bank to photograph Kelly at the water’s edge. It was a stunning portrait right beside the river, framed with Cypress tree knots and roots that would normally be underwater. Setting up the canvas portrait on their wedding day, I made a few people promise me they wouldn’t let him peek at the framed art piece. He desired all the emotions of the first look and she was breath taking too. As she walked across the lawn in the classic and form fitting dress from Little White Dress Scott choked up as he saw his wife. The ceremony was lovely and picturesque set beneath the spanish moss of the live oaks and we were all thankful for the light breeze on a warm summers day as they exchanged their vows and rings. Their marriage was celebrated with a symbolic kiss, then it was time to switch gears.

Though lovey-dovey was in the air, our couple was ready to boogie! Scott and Kelly couldn’t wait to finish with traditional wedding portraits. Entering the reception banquet, everyone knew what time it was and everyone intended to dance until their hearts were content. Little Harper, Scott’s 5 year old daughter ran around, smiling, and dancing with Scott and Kelly all evening. With the reception ending at 11:00, I laughed as everyone piled in cars. They were heading down to Murrells Inlet to continue the festivities and good times.

There is a beauty in the surrender this couple gifts each other. I know Scott will always hold his wife by his heart, under his arm, and with gentle hands. Kelly will always do likewise.

Congrats guys, completely love your calm and crazy and all its charm!


Beautiful bride at Wachesaw Plantation in the Cypress tree knots Wedding band on a Mills thread spool Gorgeous bridal bouquet of orange roses and babies breath Bride holding hands with flower girl smiling at Wachesaw Plantation Bridal ceremony at Wachesaw Plantation under the live oaks and spanish moss       Groom hugging his daughter after wedding ceremony at Wachesaw Plantation Bridal party enjoying a glass of wine and some laughter Bride signing her marriage license under the live oaks at Wachesaw Plantation Bride and groom exchange a kiss with the Waccamaw river behind them Bride and groom pose beneath the live oaks at Wachesaw Plantation groom kisses laughing bride on the hand during best mans speach Wedding cake by Coccadots Wedding party and guests circle around the bride and groom during the reception



Location and Catering: Wachesaw Plantation and Kimbel Restaurant

Event Coordinator: Brayer Surratt

Hair:Maggie Williamson with Cheveux

Makeup:Kayla Mitchell with Madison Ave Salon & Ulta

Wedding Dress: Little White Dress

Cake: Cocodots Cake Shop

Florist: Nature’s Garden

Entertainment: Broadway Jake Productions


Fine Art: Destination Wedding and Romance at The Dye Club

When it comes to my fine art passions, I’ve learned to love seeing out of state phone numbers, and especially those out of country!

I love destination weddings. I love being the photographer to welcome couples to the Myrtle Beach area. This groom initially contacted me because he wanted to buy a fine art print from SeaBlue Restaurant for his bride to be, Wendy. Then he asked if I shot weddings. Needless to say, everything progressed from there.  We customized a unique package for them that included less pictures than I usually deliver allowing me to produce the documentary style they desired and emphasize fine art pieces in my post production. 

Just picture it: The Dye Club with their beautiful Royal Oak furnishing’s and tasteful elegance. When it comes to fine art, what more could you ask for?

The Dye Club is a private country club that sits near a beautiful lake on one of the top local golf courses. It has a very low country classic style to it. Crafted into a single level structure, it has rich decorations, a gold leaf ceiling and a large wrap around veranda porch. Though the day had threatening clouds, the weather never altered the couple’s mood. They were super laid back and more than anything looking forward to the reception. They said “I do” between rain showers to a backdrop of beautiful colors with a close group of family and dear friends. To get that fine art feel, we moved around the property using the blooming azalea and gardenias for Wendy’s bridal and the couple’s portraits. In a beautiful irony, the wedding colors and Joe’s tux matched all the blossoms around The Dye Club, an unplanned phenomenon!

Both Joe and Wendy wanted a non-stop party. Joe Durivage, of Myrtle Beach DJ’s, guaranteed a rockin’ party and everyone danced, literally until midnight. The toasts, the dip, the dancing, I tell you Mounties know how to have a good time! One thing I will always take away from their wedding will be how intimate it all turned out. It was truly the little things that mattered, and oh those little things, how wonderful they are. The bride’s daughter was the maid of honor, and the groom’s best man was his son. In front of their dedicated friends and family, a memorable wedding gift was given. The bride’s daughter presented a source for future memories – it was a hand-made carved wooden photo album, delicate in the most loving way.

How did I pick the favorite photo? Well, it was hard…scroll down to find out

Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-BW-26 Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-Color-28 Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-BW-27 Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-Color-54 Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-BW-39 Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-Color-66     Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-BW-52 Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-BW-57

Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-BW-72 Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-BW-89 Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-BW-91 Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-BW-92 Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-BW-83    Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-Color-118 Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-BW-162      Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-BW-153 Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-BW-122 Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-BW-150 Carl-Kerridge-Photography-Wedding-Cousins-Color-239

5 Reasons Why You Should Schedule a Bridal Portrait

bridal portrait with antique chair

Why schedule a bridal portrait? It goes without fail that every time I shoot a wedding one of the things a bride always shares with me is that the day just goes by so fast.  I wish I could stop time for my brides sometimes.  It is so easy to get caught up in all little things it takes to pull together the big day.

I like to think I can slow down time a little during my portrait sessions.  My brides and I can spend several hours together – and my brides are able to well, be a bride during that time.  It takes time to capture someones true essence and their inner beauty.  These are two qualities that are very important to me to uncover during my portrait sessions.  Here are my top five reasons why you should schedule a bridal portrait before your wedding.

1. Trial run for the real thing

My wish, for every bride I have the opportunity to work with, is for them to have a stress free and smooth sailing wedding day with no snags or unnecessary distractions.  Scheduling a bridal portrait enables my brides to have a chance for a trial run with their hair, makeup and dress.  When my wife did her portraits (not with me, obviously!), she discovered that she needed to find a new hairdresser AND that her dress needed to be altered because it was not falling right.  Had she not made the time to have her portrait made, she would have been contending with these issues on our wedding day.  I recommend scheduling your portrait at least six weeks before the big day so you have time for dress alterations and making changes to your vendors (hair and makeup) if necessary.

2. Spending Quality Time with Your Photographer

I take pride in knowing that many of my brides (and grooms!) feel like friends by the time their wedding day rolls around.  I want to get to know them to the best of my ability so I can capture images that speak to directly who they are and what their relationship is all about.  This involves being very comfortable with one another.  If you are someone who does not like to get their picture taken, it may take some time to warm up to the camera and feel comfortable in front of it.  I mean, this is YOUR DAY!  During the portrait session we are able to spend several hours together, getting to know one another and definitely doing a lot of laughing.  So, by the time I see you on your wedding day, it is like you are old friends with me and my camera.

3.  No Pressure

Emotions run high on the day of the wedding.  Time is almost never on our side.  Even my most organized brides can never anticipate the energy and emotion that is running through them as they get ready to say “I Do”, forever.  During the session there is no pressure on your to be somewhere, there is no one asking you any questions.  We always make time for a bridal portrait on the day of the wedding, even with my brides that schedule portraits ahead of time – but you will never get a two or three hour chunk of time to get it, just right.

4.  Feel Confident

There is nothing more beautiful, from my perspective, than a confident bride.  Having a bridal portrait means that you get to see pictures of yourself in your dress before your wedding day. I love working closely with my brides during the portrait sessions to help them learn the best way to stand and pose. The style of your dress, your body type, if you have veil or not and also your shoes all play into creating the “look” you want to achieve on your wedding day.  During your portrait sessions, we have the time in a relaxed space to play with all of these things until we get them right.

5.  The WOW Factor!

There is nothing quite like seeing the look on your guests faces when they walk into the reception and there is a gorgeous framed print of your bridal portrait there to greet them.  I have always encouraged my brides to select several of their favorite images from our bridal sessions and have different sized frames and a mix of color and black and white.  And, mothers and grandmothers are always happy to take these beautiful framed pictures home with them after the wedding!


black and white bridal portrait by the marsh beautiful bride, Pine Lakes Country Club bridal portrait with green umbrella seated studio bridal portrait elegant bridal portrait classic bridal portrait with live oak trees Beautiful bridal portrait, Airlie Gardens, Wilmington Bridal portrait, Caledonia Creative-bridal-portrait outdoor bridal portrait by river location-bridal-portraits-13 modern bridal pose, hilton hotel, myrtle beach rear view of bride outside pine lakes beach bridal portrait, vera wang dress



I hope you enjoyed this collection of bridal portraits, most were taken before the wedding but a couple were taken day of. I included a variety of styles from traditional to modern, artistic and creative to just plain beautiful.

Destination Wedding – A Twist on Southern Charm in Murrells Inlet

For a destination wedding hearing a bride say, “I really want creative and artistic pictures of my wedding and I love black and white” is like music to my wedding photographer ears.  When my bride just gives me the green light, I feel like I have complete permission to work directly from my heart and soul – and that is when we will get the best images.

Holly wanted to put a new spin on vintage southern charm with her destination wedding venue, Olivers Lodge, in Murrells Inlet was the perfect place to be able to capture the essence of her vision. The “charm” of the inlet is felt by all who are there.  The big old oak trees along the marsh creates a rustic yet whimsical feel – and was just perfect for what Holly was envisioning for her day.

The week before the wedding I found myself glued to the weather channel website on my iPad.  It felt as though there was just rain all around us and I am not a religious type of guy, but for my brides I will ALWAYS pray, hope and if necessary beg for nice weather.  It seemed as though our prayers were heard and the sky took a break for long enough for Holly and Stephen to say their “i-do’s.” and an enjoy an evening with friends under the stars.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the end to see my choice for “best pic of the day.”

Artistic wedding images, Murrells Inlet, SC Artistic wedding images, Murrells Inlet, SC Artistic wedding images, Murrells Inlet, SC Wedding photography, Murrells Inlet, bridesmaids Artistic wedding images, Murrells Inlet, SC Bridal Portrait, Murrells Inlet, SC Artistic wedding images, Murrells Inlet, SC

Grandmas in rocking chairs relaxing by the marsh

Rocking chairs over looking the marsh make the perfect spot for the bride and grooms Grandmas to relax

Fine art wedding photography, Murrells Inlet, SC

The brides first steps down the aisle under the live oaks at Olivers Lodge

Artistic wedding images, Murrells Inlet, SC Bridal couple, fine art wedding photography Bridal party, wedding photography, Murrells Inlet, SC

wedding couples siblings fighting over them

The bride had suggested that her brother would be quite emotional and maybe we could show an image of him and the grooms sister struggling to let go…and this is what we got, a couple of fun loving jokesters.

Photojournalism wedding style, Murrells Inlet, SC

laughing groom removing garter in style

Documenting weddings there are times when you know the groom is going to “charm his bride” . Removing the garter in style

marsh view at dusk in black and white

A relaxation station to kick your feet up and enjoy the view over the inlet to the Garden City beaches. Oliver’s Lodge, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina



My favorite destination wedding image of the day…This was the fastest cake smash I have ever seen and after 200+ weddings I have seen a few. Holly totally took him by surprise before he had even finished cutting out the slice of cake. I love a good cake smash, just ask my wife (she started it).

Photojournalism wedding style, Murrells Inlet, SC

Even though she denied it at the time of our consultation I had the feeling that she was going to get him, she went in fast and he didn’t see it coming



Wedding Photography: Carl Kerridge
Location: Olivers Lodge
Wedding Planner: Inlet Affairs
Catering: Inlet Affairs
Entertainment: Tell Scarlet
Video: Anchor Films
Cake: Cake Creations