Destination Wedding – A Twist on Southern Charm in Murrells Inlet

For a destination wedding hearing a bride say, “I really want creative and artistic pictures of my wedding and I love black and white” is like music to my wedding photographer ears.  When my bride just gives me the green light, I feel like I have complete permission to work directly from my heart and soul – and that is when we will get the best images.

Holly wanted to put a new spin on vintage southern charm with her destination wedding venue, Olivers Lodge, in Murrells Inlet was the perfect place to be able to capture the essence of her vision. The “charm” of the inlet is felt by all who are there.  The big old oak trees along the marsh creates a rustic yet whimsical feel – and was just perfect for what Holly was envisioning for her day.

The week before the wedding I found myself glued to the weather channel website on my iPad.  It felt as though there was just rain all around us and I am not a religious type of guy, but for my brides I will ALWAYS pray, hope and if necessary beg for nice weather.  It seemed as though our prayers were heard and the sky took a break for long enough for Holly and Stephen to say their “i-do’s.” and an enjoy an evening with friends under the stars.

Be sure to scroll all the way to the end to see my choice for “best pic of the day.”

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Grandmas in rocking chairs relaxing by the marsh

Rocking chairs over looking the marsh make the perfect spot for the bride and grooms Grandmas to relax

Fine art wedding photography, Murrells Inlet, SC

The brides first steps down the aisle under the live oaks at Olivers Lodge

Artistic wedding images, Murrells Inlet, SC Bridal couple, fine art wedding photography Bridal party, wedding photography, Murrells Inlet, SC

wedding couples siblings fighting over them

The bride had suggested that her brother would be quite emotional and maybe we could show an image of him and the grooms sister struggling to let go…and this is what we got, a couple of fun loving jokesters.

Photojournalism wedding style, Murrells Inlet, SC

laughing groom removing garter in style

Documenting weddings there are times when you know the groom is going to “charm his bride” . Removing the garter in style

marsh view at dusk in black and white

A relaxation station to kick your feet up and enjoy the view over the inlet to the Garden City beaches. Oliver’s Lodge, Murrells Inlet, South Carolina



My favorite destination wedding image of the day…This was the fastest cake smash I have ever seen and after 200+ weddings I have seen a few. Holly totally took him by surprise before he had even finished cutting out the slice of cake. I love a good cake smash, just ask my wife (she started it).

Photojournalism wedding style, Murrells Inlet, SC

Even though she denied it at the time of our consultation I had the feeling that she was going to get him, she went in fast and he didn’t see it coming



Wedding Photography: Carl Kerridge
Location: Olivers Lodge
Wedding Planner: Inlet Affairs
Catering: Inlet Affairs
Entertainment: Tell Scarlet
Video: Anchor Films
Cake: Cake Creations