Renting a Studio, At Home Office, or Buying a building?

Renting a studio, staying home, or investing in a building is a fork in the road every business owner crosses in their career and it’s a big decision. Consider every time a new client comes to your home office, you prepare delightful snacks with hot tea and your decor tastes are second to none! However, do you ever wonder if your client having to walk through the ‘comforts’ of your home to get to the bathroom hindered your sales pitch?

Maybe, maybe not. You can research for hours and there are pros and cons to home-base and professional studios. Most boil down to the the separation/balance of work-family life and costs. Then, there’s the middle of the road option. The happy place and new trend for entry and mid-career photographers is renting a studio when they need them so that they can budget their costs while still giving their client a highly professional experience.

What does renting a studio look like? Glad you asked! Here’s a rental price sheet for Element Marketing Company:


Just like buying a home, there’s nothing wrong with renting a studio until you know it’s time for your to invest in your own photog castle. So what are the perks of renting?

Renting a studio offers:

  • -Fully controlled environment
  • -Access to props and equipment
  • -Creature comforts
  • -Experienced help


So as much as we all enjoy natural landscapes and how the weather can set a composition, let’s face it, Mother Nature enjoys throwing any curve ball she wants just because she can. Controlling your photography environment allows you to shoot without regards to time (unless you’re late for dinner, then that’s on you). Especially good for entry level photographers, some studios allow the use of their equipment which lets you try before you buy, and many of the studio owners are great wealths of knowledge and are willing to give you a crash course. Not only that, many times there are options for you to have an assistant while renting a studio.

Let’s not forget, modern commodities are luxuries we take for granted. Go camping just once and you’ll fully understand gratitude for bathrooms.

But, also, renting a studio can allow you to give yourself and your clients a:

  • Great location and a Great price

If your want to make it, you need to be professional from the get-go. It’s the same mentality of dressing for success. So how do you know you’re ready?

  • -You’ve taken the time to look around.
  • -You understand the costs, how it affects your business, and if your business can handle the expense.
  • -You’ve considered and discussed what is expected out of this partnership.
  • -You know where you stand on wanting store front visibility or just a space to work in.
  • -Your insurance reflects your added liability.
  • -You’ve evaluated the available space and parking.
  • -You embrace the potential to grow and go beyond your current boundaries.  


If you would like to discuss this topic more, visit me at 514 Broadway Street in Myrtle Beach and give me a call at 843.333.1212.

With that, I’ll leave you with my favorite quote, “What would you attempt to do if you knew that you could not fail?”


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