Wedding and Romance on the River in Myrtlewood

An Epic Wedding: Beach, bubbles and Daddies’ hot red mustang!

I remember when I walked up to the bride’s room for pre-wedding photos, Sarah met me in her dad’s shirt. I should have known then that he was going to be the main character of the day.

Hilariously, the bride and groom were getting dressed in the room next to each other but made it very clear that they were not to see each other. Before sneaking out of the hotel, we made sure to hide the groom in the bathroom. Well, maybe we didn’t get to that extreme, but we were making sure to keep him well away from the windows as we headed ocean front at the Myrtle Beach Hampton Inn for the bridal portraits. 

Painting the setting for the ceremony? A hard wood compass pointed the bride and groom towards their next heading. As guests strolled in they left their thumb prints in the family tree book, and they exited with a bubble walk to the bride’s father’s cherry red mustang. With a giddy looking smile the Father of the Bride pulled away with an extremely thirsty couple in the back…and it was paramount for Dad to stop at the next gas station for Mountain Dew and Diet Pepsi. 

Having been a wedding photographer for 15 years in the Myrtle Beach area, I knew the reception extravaganzas were going to be tailored to my style of wedding photojournalism. Myrtlewood danced with lights and festivities for this romance on the river. However this day celebrated more and more the longer I stayed. I found out that the couple was sharing their special day with the bride’s cousin. It was his 21st birthday and the Father of the Bride took full advantage. He encouraged everyone to party like crazy, handed the cousin take his first shot of Tequila and was the poster child for promoting mischief. It was awesome to spectate!

How could we forget the element of surprise, the stunning view, your husband borrowing one of your bridal accessories, the MJ dance moves or all the laughter! I mean we had an epic cake smash – a bold move, he got her first.

Scroll down for the favorite photo of the day that captured the love and playfulness between husband and wife.

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