Wedding Details

The most important of the wedding details is love.

“Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges…” I’ve read the quotes plenty of times, I think all couples do. When was the last time you sat and consciously appreciated love by itself? When it comes to a wedding, it is so easy to get consumed in all the wedding details. In the hype of all the planning and decorating, how do you make love stand out more than everything else?

Lisa and Will, a lovely couple, planned a destination wedding here in Myrtle Beach. Lisa perfected the day and Will brought the humor.  While we were shooting, I kept thinking that this is a strong woman and a strong couple and yet so easy going. It was hard not to relax into this family. So what was the difference, right?

One of Lisa’s wedding details was a golden broach with turquoise and white stones. I remember carefully laying it down and positioning it in macro shots and taking great care of giving it back to her. It was Will’s grandmother’s,  and she wouldn’t be attending. I imagine it tenderly touched the groom’s heart when he saw the broach on his bride’s bouquet. It is little acts of thoughtfulness like this that speaks volumes in quite corners and years to come.

It also reminded me how it isn’t the struggles that end up defining us, but the commitment to overcoming the struggles together. How many times do we realize these truths unless they’re staring us in the face? It’s, “fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go.” I believe to speak anything of Lisa and Will’s wedding is to say that they do this, they love in the kindest of ways, and I believe they will have many joyous years dancing to, “I’m Yours.”

Before the day was over, my couple reminded me of one other very important detail….Have every bit of fun along the way.

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Wedding details, black and white wedding of ring bearers holding signs in Myrtle Beach

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To see more of their wedding day, check out the video below:


Location and Caterer: Brighton Towers at Kingston Plantation

Floral Arrangements: Kelly Byers at Little Shop of Flowers

Invitations: Kathleen at The Find Sac

Unity Glass: Etch Art

Entertainment: Chris B. at Myrtle Beach DJs

Hair: Jonas Marc Style Studio

Triton Shell Blower: Jim

Makeup: Bobby from MAC at Belk at Coastal Grand Mall

Cake: The Bride’s Mother, Mrs. Bullin

Balloons: Christine at Party Maker

Embroidered Ball-caps: Sew Wonderfully Made 4 U

Customized Paddles: Cathy at Sea Weed Designs

Wedding Dress: Dress by Impression Bridal

Tuxedos: Men’s Warehouse

Wedding Arbor: Cindy Zackman at Bamboo Arbors

Videographer: Nick Andrews Productions

Myrtle Beach Wedding: What a Girl Wants

When a bride decides on her Myrtle Beach wedding, she wants to hear her groom say,“I got you, Wifey.”

The most hardcore, completely gangster moment you can have is seeing a man love his wife so intensely, when he says those words, nothing will break that promise…and when I say nothing, I mean not a thing. With the power of God, it will happen! All of it will be solely for her benefit, their future, and their family. Now that’s a force to be reckoned with. That’s Yosi and his bride, Abigail. Their Myrtle Beach wedding was the grandest celebration I have ever experienced.

How many grooms actually plan out the wedding? Fellas, I’m not talking about you helped with the major decisions, looked fly, and showed up on time. Ladies, I mean truly came to you and asked, “What would you like?” Then, began making your dream wedding come true.

Yosi – “It helps to choose professionals that are fun to work with and make things easier. I went through a few decorators, flower guys, entertainers, and photographers before agreeing to work with all the guys we chose. While it was stressful and not an easy thing to do, I believe that If I had been completely hands off and had to show up to a party that I knew nothing about I would not have been able to relax and enjoy as I did. I think it’s important to really be comfortable with everything and everyone involved”.

Every wedding has its stress levels and difficulties, but Yosi swears that it’s the people involved in the planning process that are the secrets to success. Just take for example, whipping up a fully kosher meal for 500+ guests. Where in the world would you start? Well, his family all stepped up to the challenge. His brother walked by his side and a team of relatives created a delicious dessert bar, decorated the ceremony and reception halls, and his sisters stylized, fussed over and catered to the bride’s every whim on the big day. They all contributed to the success of their Myrtle Beach wedding.

One of my first thoughts was, “And during all this, what did your bride have to say about it?” From our emails, I imagine Yosi must have been smiling as he was typing. “After more than a decade together, I believe we know each other well enough that she could not only trust my instincts, but also know exactly what the results would be. We talked about every part of the wedding and her vision guided this wedding just as much.” It is just as simple as that.

Yosi truly designed a wedding fit for his bride. He wanted to shape an experience, the prelude to the new chapter they were embarking on. There are times in life where you know a greater hand is working and secretly disguising coincidences, but not at this wedding. Everyone was invited for this divine appointment, and I could not have been more thankful than to be at the right place at the right time. Well done fella, you made your bride and family proud.

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Myrtle Beach Wedding, groom getting ready, fine art of waiting for the bride

Myrtle Beach wedding, bride getting ready at salon, bride looking in the mirror, bride smiling at her friends

Myrtle Beach wedding, first look before the wedding, groom standing outside waiting, bride opening salon door, bride peaking at the groom

Myrtle Beach wedding, color photography, bride and groom's first look, driving to have couple's portraits, bride and groom smiling in the back of their mercedes

Myrtle Beach wedding, portraits, bride and groom portraits, happy couple standing under the trees in Myrtle Beach park, groom wraps arms around bride, groom is laughing and bride has her head back laughing

Myrtle Beach wedding, bride and groom, bride looking up at groom, groom smiling at wife, veil wrapping around happy couple

Myrtle Beah wedding, portraits in myrtle beach park, bride and groom walking hand in hand, bride leading groom, bride looking back at her husband

Myrtle Beachwedding, bride and groom, bride and groom linking arm in arm, bride's engagement ring is close to the groom's jewish wrist band

Myrtle Beach wedding, portraits, bride and groom fine art photography, bride looking lovingly at her groom under a blossoming tree's branches, sun shining through branches, groom leaning against fence at Hilton Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach wedding, portraits, groom leaning against palm tree holding his bride in front of him, bride looking up at groom smiling, photography at Hilton Myrtle Beach with pond and woodlands in the background

Myrtle Beach wedding, Jewish pre-ceremony, Rabbi performing Jewish wedding traditions, witnesses watching the Rabbi sign the ketubah

Myrtle Beach wedding, at Hilton Myrtle Beach, Groom waits for his bride to walk down the aisle, groom's parents wait at his side

Myrtle Beach Wedding, Hilton Myrtle Beach conference room, Groom holds up wedding band for witnesses to inspect, Jewish wedding tradition under the chuppah

Myrtle Beach wedding, reception at Hilton Myrtle Beach, Wedding cake decorated with beads and a bow, wedding centerpieces of flowers and candles in the background

Myrtle Beach wedding, reception at Hilton Myrtle Beach, wedding dessert bar, homemade desserts, kosher meals for Jewish wedding tradition

Myrtle Beach wedding, reception at Hilton Myrtle Beach, groom dancing with Rabbi in the center of the room, 500 guests surround and dance around the groom and rabbi, lots of smiling faces and mean clapping for the groom's Jewish wedding dance tradition

Myrtle Beach wedding, reception at Hilton Myrtle Beach, bride and groom's guest hoist groom up in a chair to celebrate the happy couple's wedding, groom is laughing and smiling while fist pumping in the air

Myrtle Beach wedding, reception at Hilton Myrtle Beach, female guest dance around the bride, picking up corners of her dress and laughing with her. Bride is dancing and smiling, groom hugs his mother in the background

Myrtle Beach wedding, reception at Hilton Myrtle Beach, wedding guest having fun, male balancing drinking glass on his forehead, glass was wedding liquor in it, guest laughing and applauding the balancing act

Myrtle Beach wedding, reception at Hilton Myrtle Beach, wedding guest having fun, male balancing drinking glass on his forehead, glass was wedding liquor in it, glass has fallen off of the male's forehead, guest laughing and applauding the balancing act,

Myrtle Beach wedding, reception at Hilton Myrtle Beach, reception vendors, Myrtle beach dj and light show guy with California musicians and entertainers pose for photos

Myrtle Beach wedding, Fine art photography, wedding reception portrait at Hilton Myrtle Beach, silhouette of bride and groom kissing with their names in the background, name in lights on curtain in background



Hair/Make-up: Allure Salon and Spa Myrtle Beach and Christian Cook from MAC

Ceremony & Reception: Hilton at Myrtle Beach

Light Show Display: Global Truth Entertainment

Electronic Violinist: Yennie Lam

Music DJ: Yoav Gabay

PercussionistYoni Radbod

Videography: Thomas Hart

Photography: Carl Kerridge