Fine Art Photography: Rain on the Wedding Day

    Love and Fine Art-

It has no limitations and touches gently in every way.

Before I was contacted about the wedding, I knew Hillary from SeaBlue Restaurant. When I saw her, I always felt as if I were chatting with a friend. When I first met Hillary and Adam together, their personalities just bubbled in front of me. The fact that they knew my fine art from the restaurant was great. They loved my style from the get go, they wanted fine art compositions, lots of black and whites and to have fun, tons of fun.

One thing I remember from their engagement shoot was how easy they were to photograph together. It was obvious which way he was going and which way she was going. They just molded together. As a wedding photojournalist of Myrtle Beach, every image spoke volumes of their dedication to and for each other. And the morning of their wedding? Smiles, jokes, and (of course) shots!

It’s one of the best good luck omens for there to be rain on the wedding day. The sky kept at bay as the bride and groom said their “I do’s,” and their family and friends “returned to the sea” blessings and best wishes for the happy couple. We ended up waiting for the limo to pick the bride and groom up. In the meantime, I shared a nice moment with the couple just talking about their favorite things. It was just another chance to get to know them better. Then… we started placing bets on how the party was about to go down.

Arriving at SeaBlue Restaurant for their reception, the coupled entered with a dance that set the mood for the entire evening – light-hearted, fun, and hilarious entertainment. Everyone was on the make shift dance floor, tables were moved to the side and even the furniture became a prop to help you shake it – which gave new meaning to Momma’s got her groove, and Papa’s got a brand-new bag.

You should know that it did, indeed, rain.
How do you pick a favorite image? It gets harder the closer I become to my couples. Scroll to the bottom so see the beauty between them!

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