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Founded in 2008, e3 Studios is a woman-owned business that has dazzled the Grand Strand with their style and class. Haven’t heard of them? Well, I guarantee you have seen their work with their interdisciplinary design in the local and interior architecture and interior design services. Their vision and mission are forces to be reckoned with. Not only do e3 Studios understand the technical details of building designs in relation to its space, but the reason the buildings are being built in the first place – for people. All of our business offices and spaces are for people to work in, for people to have comfort in, for people to be inspired by, and for people to be taken into tranquil settings. 

I have had the pleasure of documenting this year’s completed projects and laughing with Erin Blalock and Ashley Goheen. These two women rock e3 Studios and I love capturing their bubbly personalities and friendship, especially when Erin limits Ashley’s caffeine consumption! Some of my favorite memories include the girls lifestyle shoots. I call them my little “goofball kids” because they were just super fun, giggly and had a hard time keeping a straight face. Remember I said that architecture is in my blood? Well, it comes from my Father, a self-employed Architect for the past 40 years. Walking up to meet them, the jokes would start and they’d get me every time. I’d be teased that if my dad came to work for them, they’d double their profit just because of his accent! You know? They possibly could because even I jive with their sense of style and color theme choices. I can really relate to e3 studios, and I can see their commercial color schemes in my home. Not to mention, my assistant has begged for a few of their pieces as well – specifically their rainbow lounger and glass sculpture designs.

I am thrilled and fortunate to have met this dynamic team. Building their business on passion and dedication, these two ladies are remarkable!.
Check out their awesome new website designed by The Brandon Agency in Myrtle Beach to see tons of my commercial and lifestyle photography.


Carl Kerridge is a location and destination photographer based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He specializes in lifestyle, commercial, and event photography. He is passionate about the fine art and photojournalistic aspects of photography. Traveling in and out of the United States, Carl has dedicated the past 15 years to studying/experimenting with the craft, teaching educational workshops, and advocating art for a global awareness. To learn more, visit his Website, follow him on Instagram or connect with him on Facebook.


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