Why start a blog now?

I have been earning a living from photography for 15 years now. Man, have things changed from just being able to pick up a film camera, learn about it and make a living. Well, I don’t think it’s ever been quite that easy, but 15 years ago you certainly did not have to worry about having an Instagram account intense competition not only with people but with the technology itself and of course what brings us here and now – blogging.

I have approached a milestone recently (ahem, turning the big 40!), my son Ellis is coming up on his first birthday, I have a new garden to tend, new dog and I have a new business model to focus on.  I have been thinking about all this and considering why add something else to it? Why add another project, like a blog for pete’s sake!! Well, another personal milestone is approaching this year – I will have spent exactly half my life living away from home. During that time, just over 20 years, I have travelled to and through 25+ countries from Australia to Ecuador and I have chosen to settle in South Carolina with my wife and start our family.

The journeys of a destination wedding and event photographer with a wild wanderlusting heart for travel are filled with adventures, craziness, color, long hours, amazing scenery and fascinating cultures that are certainly worthy of stories. However it is sharing my passion for what I do and what I aspire to do that I feel compelled to start this blog. With some roots now keeping me closer to home for at least the next 18 years or so, I must take my dreams to new heights. I want a place, a blank page if you will, a new creative outlet to highlight perhaps the most important journey I will ever take as a father, to continue to hone my craft and desire to capture the most important moments of your life and well, maybe to do some reminiscing as well.

Here’s a few favorites images from my life, my wife and our son, these are not the images I make a living taking.


Pregnancy portrait Baby portrait Myrtle Beach Mommy and baby yoga photo